I am Tuk Bum Kim. Today is my wedding day, and I am very nervous. In fact, it seems like a dream to me. You see, I am marrying my best friend. I have known Young for many years, because my wife and I were students together at the music conservatory. We have played music together since we were teenagers! But only in the last year did we realize that we were “soul mates”.


Our story is a true love story. She comes from a wealthy family, while I come from a poor family. But music has brought us together.


In this picture, my mother is throwing chestnuts to us. We try to catch as many as we can because the more chestnuts we catch, the more good luck we will have in our marriage.


We are both very excited because as soon as we are married, we will leave for the United States. My wife will study for her doctorate in music, and I will study for my Master’s Degree in music. These last years have only been the beginning of a wonderful life. Now we will make beautiful music together for the rest of our lives.