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In Module two, the video Brian and Aziz is easily understood even by beginning ESL students. With the explanation of a few vocabulary words and a few concepts, the entire second module works quite well for this level of ESL student. However, there are a number of other ways to introduce the culture bump to these students – all of which are included in the optional materials PDF.


Embracing different cultures


 ESL materials to support the Culture Bump Module for lower to intermediate level students consist of (1) suggestions for the teacher and (2) activities for the students at these levels.  The activities include a summary of the movie,vocabulary words,  a summary of the Reading about Culture Bump, a summary of the observation activity, trivia card activities and vocabulary words for the trivia cards,and activities designed about the website  Chad/American culture bump  and She’s so Fine video.   Other activities focus on grammar (prepositions) and writing.

Suggestions for Teachers – Culture Bumps – Lower level

Activities – Culture Bump – Lower level

Old Woman for culture bumps – lower level

Chad American


She’s so fine

Upper Intermediate to Advanced ESL Levels

Module two works very well with very little adaptation for ESL students at the intermediate to advanced levels. There are four additional lessons that can be used for teaching culture bumps outside of theToolkit.

The ESL adaptations include

  1. A summary of the movie and a vocabulary list
  2. A vocabulary list for the Culture Bump Reading
  3. An expansion for the Observation Activity
  4. Expansion for the follow-up activity and a vocabulary list for the Trivia Cards
  5. Grammar and writing activity (Connectors)
  6. Chinese, Indian, Generational, American culture bumps Mini-movie
  7. Chinese/American culture bump (Shopping)
  8. Venezuelan/American culture bump (Karen and Miguel)
  9. Mini-movie, powerpoint and Essay
  10. Living with Strangers in the USA

Teacher Suggestion – Culture Bump – Advanced Level

Vocabulary List

Expansion Activities

Grammar & Writing




Thought Process

Venezuela & America