Summary of A Reading on Emotions

All people have emotions. Emotions are feelings. When a person has an emotion (or a feeling), they also have a thought and a physical reaction. We usually do not pay attention to our emotions, but we do things because we feel something. Emotions cause us to have certain ideas or perceptions. It is very important to understand and control our emotions. When we understand and control our emotions, we have “High Emotional Intelligence.”

First, we must recognize and name our emotions. Second, we must recognize and name other people’s emotions. When we do these two things, we have emotional intelligence. In cross-cultural communication, we sometimes have very strong feelings. It is important to control these emotions. Sometimes when we have a culture bump, we think the other person is not as good as we are.

Sometimes we think they are better than we are.  In this module, there is  an emotional intelligence quiz. There are no “right or wrong”answers for this quiz. It is to practice recognizing and naming emotions.




A Writing Activity

For each of the photos described, begin to write a paragraph with the suggested sentence.  Create a story based on the sentence.

(The young woman in a blue chair)

….I remember something very sad.

(The woman in pink pants, pointing and laughing)

…This  box  is  very  funny  because…

(The man wearing a white hat and the woman standing.)

…We feel proud because…

(The woman in white with her hands on her hips.)


(The woman with a hat holding a baby.)

…When I was a little baby, a woman came to me.

(The woman in black with a blue can on the table in front of her.)

…There  was  a  rich  woman  who  lived  to  eat.    One  day…

(Little boy with a finger pointing at him)

…He  screamed,  “Don’t  tell  me  not  to…

(Man standing with the red rocking chairs)

…A stranger is in our town…

(Woman in yellow looking at something/one)

…A  woman  felt  very  sad  because…

(Young woman in pink crouched in the sand)

…She is waiting for….