This module is very rich for language for ESL students.  In the activities, you will find a list of vocabulary words used in the introductory video – It is suggested that you go over the list with the students before listening to the video.  The next section focuses on linking of sounds and stress.  It is very useful for students to use the annotated transcript to see exactly how the linking and stress work.  It also helps them to practice.  The grammar focuses on adjective forms and writing incorporates the idea of metaphors.


On the Map Activity, having students draw their own maps is wonderful.  Reassure them that the purpose is not to draw a perfect map.  In fact, give them only  3 minutes or so to draw the map.  This forces them to draw without trying to be perfect.  If possible, use big markers and put all of the maps up where the students can see all of them.  It will be evident that the maps reflect each person’s ethnocentric view of the world.  Point out that this is natural – but we can become aware of our ethnocentrism.


The role play of various classrooms around the world is very instructive and fun.