In the Perceptions Module, the video introduction is useful even for beginning levels to practice listening for specific vocabulary words in context. One suggestion is to have the students choose one word and write it on a 3 X 5 card – S/he learns the meaning of that word and teaches to his/her classmates.  Then have the students read the summary of the video introduction.  Then have them read together the transcript of the video.  Then they listen to the video – raising their vocabulary word as they hear it spoken.  This focused listening is very useful.


The Asian Classroom Video Activities for ESL students

This segment is wonderful for ESL classes.  It can be expanded in numerous ways, such as (1) role plays of classrooms from back home (2) writing comparisons of their teachers and/or classrooms in the USA and back home and (3) defining appropriate classroom behavior.


The Map Activity for ESL students

Have the students draw a map of the world very quickly.  Then have them look at one another’s maps and compare to the CBE’s maps.  This helps to make the concept “ethnocentrism” very clear.


The Young Lady activity is another way to introduce the concept to a very low level class.