Beginning to Lower Intermediate ESL Levels

In Module six, the video introduction is useful even for beginning levels to practice listening for specific vocabulary words in context. However, it is suggested to use the transcript in class before showing the video. The transcript can be found in the student activities.

It also provides an opportune time to review the topics in the previous modules. Be sure to introduce the vocabulary words before showing the video. It is suggested, that with the beginning levels, that the words be introduced, the video played, then the video played a second time for the students to listen for vocabulary in context. Writing the words on cards and raising them as they hear them is useful as it allows students who are not hearing the words to see their classmates raising the words. This focused listening is excellent for all levels but especially for beginning to intermediate levels.

There are two extra complete revisions of the cultural adjustment cycle included in these materials. So there are a total of three separate lessons for beginning to lower intermediate levels.