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1.  Divide yourselves into four groups.  Each group will take one of the American values that are subsets of American individualism as explained on pages 136-141 or Proxemics on pages 105-109 of Living with Strangers in the USA.

2.  Make sure that each member of the group understands the value very well.  Then create four new groups with at least one representative of each of the values in each group and explain your own value to the members of your new group and make sure you understand each of the the other three values.  Return to your original group.

3.  In your original group look at the 10 American behaviors listed on the Culture Bumps in Global Classrooms App.  Decide which of the behaviors emanate from your value.  Attach the string to your value (which you hang on a board or wall) and write the app value on a sticky note and attach it to the string below your value.  Once you have finished, look at all the notes on the four strings.  What do you notice about the relationship between the notes and the values?  What else could you do with the strings?

4.  Back in your group, list behaviors you have observed in your classroom that fit the values – e.g. your teacher prefers that you call him by his first name would go on the string entitled Equality and Covert Authority.

5.  Decide on the opposite value for each of the four values.  Repeat the above for your countries.

6.  Using the values and the space card,  do a Walk through the Valley of Values in groups of three or four.


What did you discover from this activity?  About yourself?  About your role in American culture?  About American culture?