In the second half of Module six, emotional intelligence is introduced. The

Video Emotions helps students with understanding the categories of

emotions and the nuances. However, the emotion posters can be very

effective used in a class also. They provide a wonderful stimulus for both class discussions and writing assignments. For discussions, take one poster at a time. First, use it to generate a list of vocabulary words. A wonderful exercise is to do a joint story. The first line of the story is given and the students take turns adding

the rest of the story. Individual writing can then follow this.


The questions about the posters present few problems for

the beginning to intermediate level student once they have learned the words. An alternative is to have them write the words in their native language and act them out for their classmates. You and the classmates then find the corresponding nuance from the list. The other activities also present few problems for this level of student. The Final Reflection can be used with this level of student by carefully explaining and modeling the instructions. The final question can be discussed in a group and then used for an individual writing assignment.