Upper Intermediate to Advanced ESL


Module Six needs very little adaptation for intermediate to advanced level students.  However, it can be expanded in numerous ways for language development.




Hello and welcome to this sixth and final module. In this module, you will

complete filling your own personal toolkit for culture and communication. In the earlier

modules, you looked at perceptual differences, culture bumps, cultural values and

communication styles in different cultures. And in the fifth module, you learned how to

create relationship using all of these differences. This last module will be a little bit

different, however. You’re going to look at the cultural adjustment cycle – the stages that

we human pass through when we move from one situation into a new one and at

emotions – how to recognize them and how to manage them.


And finally, your special guides through these modules – the culture bump

experts – will come back with one last piece of advice and to say good- bye in a very

special way. So lets get started on Module Six.


Quick Quiz


Match the Modules and numbers


Relationships, Emotions, Culture Bumps, Perceptions, Conversing, Beliefs


Module Five _____

Module Two ______

Module Six _______

Module One_______

Module Four______

Module Three_____


Vocabulary Words for Katy’s Letters

Concrete =artificial stone made by mixing sand and gravel

Sink =a container into which water runs

Soil =dirt

Wrinkled =skin that is not smooth because of small folds that come with age

Transplantation= to remove and plant in another place

Fighting back tears= trying not to cry

Bulging = so full that it swells out

Scrambled  = ran in every direction quickly

Montage = series of pictures

Shower = rain

Reflected = pictured as in a mirror

Bedraggled  = looking dirty and beat up

Hastily  = quickly

Tucked =  to put something where it will be safe

Mailbox  = small box where one receives letters

Straight  = continuously

Postman  = mailman

Recuperated  =got better

Entwined  =wrapped around