Vocabulary for Dr. Archer’s Introduction to Module Five


 Strategies – methods of doing something


Encounter – Meet or find


Aspect – part of something


Conversation deepens – conversation becomes more serious


Universal themes – Ideas that are present in every culture for all people




In module five, you’ll have an opportunity to practice strategies for overcoming culturebumps that you encounter in your life – for dealing with the cultural differences that we’ve studied in the earlier modules.  At the end of the module, you’ll see Mazen and Josh as they actually have a conversation in which they put into practice the skills that you will have learned.


We join them as Mazen questions Josh about certain aspects of the movie, “Brian and Aziz.”   He questions Josh, first, if the mother’s attitude is a typical one and that begins a conversation about societal expectations and individual desires.  It’s a conversation in which they discuss their emotions, explore their expectations and clarify the meaning that specific behaviors have for them as individuals.


The conversation deepens as they move beyond the culture bump into other universal themes such as dating, love and finally into the subject of marriage.


I think as you watch this, you will realize how important it is to be able to use our culture bumps to really form genuine friendships and relationships with one another.


Answer the following questions in small groups.



How many ways is the future tense used in this speech?


Find instances of perfect tenses.  How does using the perfect tense change the meaning of the sentence?


What is the antonym to the following words:




To overcome


To encounter


To deal with
















Find words that are both a noun and a verb.


What is the verb form of conversation?


What is the verb and adjective form of differences?


What is the noun form of to explore?


What is the adjective form of skills?








A Reading on Universals  – Vocabulary words



To stand out = to be obvious

Implicit = Not stated directly

Frustration = a feeling of helpless and irritability

Commonalties = things that are the same

Risk taking  =taking a chance

Showing off  =Letting everybody see how well you are doing

Emerging  =coming

Dichotomy  =Opposites

Utilize  =use

Ultimately  = finally