In Module One, the video introduction is useful even for beginning levels to practice listening for specific vocabulary words in context.  It is suggested that you use the transcript in class before showing the video.  The Reading as well as the Video have been summarized to help with comprehension for these students.  The other interactive exercises should work well for these students.



Spaceship Perception


If you have Muslims or Koreans in the class, ask them not to explain

about the pictures until they have returned to their seats and are sharing

with their classmates.


In an ESL class, this exercise is wonderful to encourage students to begin

to talk about their own cultures. A follow-up activity would be to have

students bring photos from their own culture and write their own

questions for their classmates to answer.


The Asian Classroom Video


This segment is wonderful for ESL classes.  It can be expanded in numerous ways such as (1) role plays of classrooms from back home (2) writing comparisons of their teachers and/or classrooms in the USA and back home and (3) defining appropriate classroom behavior.




Give the students only about 3 minutes to draw the map to keep them from trying to making the map of the world perfect.  If possible, have them all use large markers so they can see one another’s maps more clearly.  Our natural ethnocentrism should become clear as they look at one another’s maps.