In Module two, the video Brian and Aziz is easily understood even by

beginning ESL students. With the explanation of a few vocabulary

words and a few concepts, the entire second module works quite well

for this level of ESL student. However, there are a number of other

ways to introduce the culture bump to these students – all of which

are described below.


Vocabulary words for Focus Activity


Expectation – what you think will happen

Relationship – connection

Bump – to touch accidentally

Teacher note: The higher level thinking skills can be practiced by ensuring that the

students understand the vocabulary words in these questions



Observation: Judgment or Description?


This activity is easily done with beginning language students.

However, this is an opportune moment to put up the two photos, the

elderly woman on the four wheeler and the Korean wedding and have

the students generate a list of vocabulary words. For example, words

such as house shoes, helmet, roof, handlebars, gloves, railing etc.

This would also be a good time to teach the appropriate way to

address or talk about older people in the United States.


Trivia Cards


The trivia cards are easily done with some vocabulary explanation.


        Culture Bump Trivia vocabulary words


Trivia (the game)

Counter – in a store

To frown – Using the face to show displeasure or unhappiness

Elderly – a polite word to describe people who are 70 years old or older

To emerge – to come out of

To grasp – to hold

Elbow – the place in the middle of the arm where the arm bends

Disgust – to dislike

Request – to ask for

“to show regard for” – to show respect for

consideration – respect

to approach – to come close to

“to feel hurt” – to feel unhappy because someone says or does something unkind

assigned – to appoint, to tell someone to do something

to adjust – to adapt

to be withdrawn – to not want to talk or participate

elegance – dignified beauty

spiritual – having to do with the spirit

to offend – to be disrespectful

to poke – to hit with the finger

double-take- to look at something/someone twice because you are so surprised

to lean forward  – to bow

the corner of your eye  – the side of your eye

route – the way to go someplace

curb – the side of the street –

authority – the one in charge, the leader

inclusive – to include

acknowledge – to tell someone that they did well

 Grammar: Prepositions and Writing

Choose one of the following comparisons for the sentences.

The same as, different from, better than, worse than, more than, less than

1. Hospitality in the Middle East is_________________hospitality in the United

2. Mazen’s language is____________________Aziz’s language.

3. Aziz thinks those neighbors in his country are_____________________his neighbors in the United States.

4. Brian trusts his friend___________________he trusts Aziz.

5. In the second ending, Brian’s discomfort is__________________his discomfort in the first ending.



 Write a paragraph comparing one of these subjects.

Hospitality in my country and in the USA

Teachers in my country and in the USA

Food in my country and in the USA