Carol M. Archer, Ed D



University of Houston, Houston, Texas DEd 1996

Cultural and Urban Studies (Historical and Cultural Foundations)

Stanford University, Stanford, California 1978

Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication Certification

University of Houston, Houston, Texas MEd 1973

Comparative Education with Latin America (Foundations of Education)

University of Houston, Houston, Texas BA 1971


Seminole High School 1962

Post-Doctoral Specialized Training

University of Houston/Downtown, Department of Urban Education, December 1997

Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS)

Professional Experience

Cross Cultural Consultant to Biggio Center and Center for Outreach and Educational Engagement– Auburn University – January 2011 to present

Cross Cultural Trainer for Global Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – June 2011 to present

Developed and implemented Cross Cultural Program for Chinese National Petroleum Company at University of Houston Center for Asian American Studies. 2014, 2015, and 2017

Designed and implemented Culture Bump™ Train the Trainer for Auburn University–March 2013 and June 2013

Develop and implement programs for faculty development at Language & Culture – University of Houston – June 2011 to June 2012

Trained ESL teachers from China/Schezwan Province in Culture Bump™ to ESL at– University of Houston – August 2010

Director of Building America’s Villages – Designing and implementing program for community building between immigrants and American citizens at College of the Mainland – September 2007 to June 2008

Corporate Cross Cultural Trainer– Train the Trainer, Pre departure Orientations and Intercultural Communication Work shops for various corporations designed to facilitate multinational corporations international business practices – 1978 to present

Educational Consultant: Teacher Training in culture and communication/ESL with various school districts, September 2004 to present

Teaching Language Acquisition Theories at the graduate level
June l996 to July l996 and September l997 to December 2009   Education Department, St. Thomas University, Houston, Texas

Co-teaching Linguistics and Cross Cultural communication, September 2003-December 2003, Spring 2007 – English Department, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Teaching Cross Cultural Communication at the graduate level
January 1997 to May 1997 – School of Human Sciences and
Humanities, University of Houston/Clear Lake, Houston, Texas

Teaching Theories of American Pluralism, a senior level course
January 1998 to May 1998 – School of Education, University of
Houston/Clear Lake, Houston, Texas

Supervising bilingual student teachers in their last semester of
student teaching
January 1998 to May 1998 – Department of Urban Education,
University of Houston/Downtown, Houston, Texas

Co-teaching Multicultural Studies, a graduate level course
September 1998 to October 1998 – Education Department, St.
Thomas University, Houston, Texas

Teaching of English as a second language to university level students of various nationalities
January 1974 to June 1975 – English Department, University of
Houston, Houston, Texas

January 1974 to June 1974 – English Language Services, Houston, Texas

June 1975 to Present – Language and Culture Center, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Teaching of English as a second language to adult students with an average of six years of education. Developing curriculum, which included a cultural adaptation program.
January 1973 to June 1975 – Model Cities Adult Basic Education Center, Houston, Texas

Teaching of English for special purposes to young adults. Developing curriculum for electrical technological courses (ESP).
January 1977 to January 1978 – INELEC; Bourmedes, Algeria

Foreign Student Advisor – Developed and implemented the office of foreign student advisor – counseled and advised foreign students in personal, academic, cultural and legal matters.
June 1978 to January 1980 – Language & Culture Center, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Cross-Cultural Instructor – Developed and implemented three cross cultural classes for foreign students as well as American students. Developed materials, trained co-teachers and taught the courses.
June 1978 to August 2002 – Language and Culture Center, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Cross Cultural/ESL Instructor – Taught cross cultural communication and business English to Japanese businessmen
January 1987 to September 1987 – Interact, Houston, Texas

Cross Cultural Trainer – Trained trainers of various refugee communities to train newly arriving refugees in culture specific information; maintained existing materials and developed new cross cultural communication modules
September l997 to September 1999 – Bilingual Education Institute, Houston, Texas

Faculty Development – Worked with ESL faculty to develop their skills, developed a program that included cross training and faculty empowerment; designed and delivered monthly workshops and faculty gatherings
September l997 to September l998 – Bilingual Education
Institute, Houston, Texas

Materials Evaluator – Evaluated Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) for cultural bias
January 1980 to January l983 – ETS, Princeton University,
Princeton, New Jersey

Intercultural Communication Instructor – Taught cross-cultural communication at sophomore level.
September 1991 to December 1991/University of Houston-Downtown

Bilingual Social Worker – Cultural liaison between public schools and Spanish speaking community. Analyzed problems from cross cultural perspective for primary and elementary level children, incorporating educators and parents.
January 1972 to January 1973 – Houston Independent School District, Houston, Texas


“The Culture Bump” Curriculum Clearing House, published in 1983.

Involvement of International Students in Communities” Curriculum Clearing House, published in 1983.

Book review in Curriculum Clearing House, published in April, 1986.

“Beyond Culture Bump”, in Culture Bound. Edited by Joyce M. Valdes, published by Cambridge University Press in 1986.

Living with Strangers in the USA: Communicating Beyond Culture published by Prentice Hall in 1990.

“Cross Cultural Communication: An Idea Whose Time Has Come”, in Multicultural Education: Inclusion of All edited by Mary M. Atwater, Kelly Radzik-Marsh, Marilyn Stutchens, published by University of Georgia in 1993.

Managing a Multicultural Classroom” in Learning Across Cultures edited by Gary Althen, published by NAFSA/Intercultural Press in 1994.

The Toolkit for Culture and Communication published by the University of Houston, Department of Intellectual Property, 2003.

A Video to accompany “The Toolkit for Culture and Communication” including the mini-movie, “Brian and Aziz”, published by the University of Houston, Department of Intellectual Property, 2003.

A Toolkit for Teacher Training and more . Published June 2005. TEIS Newsletter published by TESOL.

Lead author of “Culture Bump: An instructional process for cultural insight” with Stacey C. Nickson, in A Handbook of College and University Teaching: Global Perspectives edited by Jim Groccia, Mohammed Alsudairi, and Bill Buskist and publishsed by Sage Publications in 2012.

“The Role of Culture Bump in developing intercultural communication competency and internationalizing psychology education” with Stacey C. Nickson published in Psychology Teaching and Learning Journal in Spring Issue of 2012.

“Culture bump guides: culture bump kids” an article with Geneva Tesh, University of Houston Tex TESOL IV 2012 Spring Newsletter

The impact of culture bump and technology on creating effective diversity leadership with Stacey C. Nickson and Raj Shiladitya Chaudhury in Technology as a Tool for Diversity Leadership: Implementation and Future Implications edited by Joel P. Lewis, Andre M. Green, Daniel W. Surry and published by University of South Alabama Press, February 2013.

Cultural Differences in the classroom? There’s an app for that! Archer, C., Kennedy, B., Simpson. M., Urquhart, G., Uslu-Ok, D. in Journal of Assessment and Teaching of English Language Learners Edited by Alex Monceaux and published by Textesol IV, April 2016.

Writing in progress

“The IPR as a Research Design”. An article which presents a qualitative research design combining the IPR (Interpersonal Process Recall Method) developed by the late Dr. Norman I. Kagan and two of the five stages suggested by Dr. Phil Carspecken for qualitative research through culture bump theory. This is a design ideal for accessing tacit assumptions that are beyond the reach of many other research designs. This article is to be submitted to Qualitative Inquiry.

Research, Grants and Awards

Honorary member of Phi Beta Delta – Honor Society for International Scholars

Outstanding TEXTESOLer for the year 2010

One of three nominees for Outstanding Scholarship Award for 1990 for SCA International and Intercultural Communication

Award for Extraordinary Contribution to the International Student Population presented by the International Student Organization at the University of Houston, l981

Grant received from Ford Foundation to design and implement program for teaching cultural difference in high school, l983. Implemented in Austin High School in HISD in l984

Doctoral Dissertation entitled “A Qualitative Study of the Communicative Experience of a Venezuelan and a North American.” My focus was on understanding the process of how individuals from different cultures respond to differences and to determine how cultural differences impact on the effectiveness and authenticity of their conversation. The data suggests that cross cultural communication is either culture bound or culture free and that precise elements distinguish the two types of conversation.

Unpublished paper entitled “An ESL Classroom: The Dance of Language Acquisition”. An ethnographic study of a teacher and students in a beginning level ESL classroom.

Professional Organizations



Founding member of SIETAR/Houston, 1992. President 1992-1993, Treasurer 1994-1995.

National Board Member of the Foundation for Mideast Communication 1985-1988

Advisory Board for AIESEC – Houston 2012 to present

A Partial Listing of Professional Presentations

NAFSA, Kansas City, May, l979 – Half day workshop on the development of a cross cultural communication course for ESL students

SIETAR/International, Vermont, May, l980 – Presentation on the process of stereotype development.

TESOL/Regional Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia. November, l988 – Presentation on pre-reading activities for ESL students.

NAFSA, Boston, May l991 – Chaired Roundtable for Community Section entitled “Comprehensive Cross Cultural Communication for Foreign Students”.

TESOL, Vancouver, Canada, March, l992 – Presentation as part of an academic session for materials writers section entitled ” What we are, what we can be”.

TESOL, Vancouver, Canada, March, l992 – Presentation as an invited member of a colloquium entitled “Culture: A Neglected Component in Intensive ESL Programs”.

NASA, Johnson Space Center. Invited Speaker for Asian Pacific American Program Heritage Day Observance entitled “Unity in Diversity”. Presented a half a day workshop. May, l992, Houston, Texas.

TESOL National, Atlanta, Ga. April, l993 – Full day, pre-conference workshop on cross cultural communication in ESL.

SIETAR/Houston. May, l993. Houston, Texas – A half-day workshop entitled “The Culture Bump: Finding Universality Through Our Cultural Differences”.

SIETAR/International, Washington, D.C., June l993 – A half-day workshop entitled “The Culture Bump: Finding Universality Through Our Cultural Differences”.

SIETAR/International, Ottawa, Canada, June 1994 – Presentation entitled ” Competency for Teaching Cross Culture Communication in the Foreign Language Classroom”.

Annual Symposium on Human Resource Issues. Invited Keynote Speaker. Speech on “Cross Cultural Issues in Human Resources”. March, l995, Houston, Texas.

University of Houston/Downtown Summer ESL Institute. Presentation on Paradigms of Cultural Differences and the Culture Bump. Houston, July l996.

TEXTESOL State Conference, Houston, Texas, November, l996 – Workshop entitled “What, How, When, Why – Developing Cross Cultural Programs”.

TEXTESOL State Conference, Houston, Texas, November, l996 – Paper entitled “Communicative Experiences of a Venezuelan and a North American.

SIETAR/Houston, Houston, Texas, February, l997 – Paper entitled “Communicative Experiences of a Venezuelan and a North American”.

SIETAR/International, Cuaraco, Dutch Antilles, June, l997 – Half day workshop entitled “A Comprehensive Cross Cultural Program for ESL Programs and the Community”.

SIETAR/International, Cuaraco, Dutch Antilles, June, l997 – Half day presentation on the ethnographic techniques and results of my doctoral dissertation entitled “Communicative Experiences of a Venezuelan and a North American”.

TEXTESOL State Conference, Austin, Texas, November, l997 – Presented a paper entitled “Cross-Cultural Communication: Culturally Congruent or Culturally Bound”.

National Association of Secondary School Principals, November 9, l997 – Invited Workshop Presenter – “Cross Cultural Communication” presented to the l997 National Honor Society National Conference held in Houston, Texas.

TEXTESOL IV, Houston, Texas, November l998-
Presented a paper entitled “Is there a recipe for assessment?”

TESOL International, New York, March l999
“Cultural Orientation for Refugees” and
“ESL in the Workplace and Home”

TEXTESOL IV, Galveston, Texas November, 2002
“The Toolkit for Culture and Communication”

SIETAR/Houston/October, 2003
“Brian and Aziz”

TEXTESOL IV, Houston, Texas , November 2004

ESL Materials for the Toolkit for Culture and Communication

Keynote Speaker for HISD ESL Teacher Symposium, January 2005

Friends of Geography, Houston, Texas, February 2005                                                                                             Sights and Sounds from Around the World

TESOL International, San Antonio, Texas, March 2005

The ESL Instructor’s Toolkit for Culture and Communication: A Poster Session


Texas Conference for Psychologists March 2007 North Montgomery College

Culture Bumps & Ethics in Psychology


4th International Education Conference, April 2007 Fairbanks/Cypress College

Culture Bumps: Finding Ways to Create Communication & Community


Moderator for World Refugee Day June 2007 – Rothko Chapel – Houston, Texas


Keynote Speaker: Women’s conference – University of Houston – Houston Texas March 2008


Moderator for World Refugee Day June 2008 – Rothko Chapel – Houston, Texas


“Stepping Beyond Diversity” Employee Assistance Professional Association September 2008 Houston, Texas


Culture Bump and ESL” Textesol – October 2008 Houston, Texas


“Stepping Beyond Diversity: Culture Bumps, Conversations and the AL Cycle” International Alliance (IAL) 34th International Conference January 2009 Houston, Texas


Keynote Speaker: The Auburn Symposium: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on University Teaching and Learning “Managing a Multi-cultural Classroom” February 2010


Culture Bump Theory and Methodology : Stepping Beyond Diversity: Cultivating the Idealized International Educator. International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) 2010 International Conference – Liverpoole, England Oct. 2010


Communication Skills Development for King Saud Faculty at Auburn University July 2011


Pre-conference workshop: Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium (SRFIDC Conference) – Auburn University – March 2011


Keynote Speaker: Cross Cultural Perspectives Symposium: Teaching and Learning in a Global Society.   University of Alabama   November 2011


Pre-conference Workshop: International Ombudsman Association (IOA) Annual Conference Houston, Texas April 2012


Pre-conference Workshop: Global Perspectives on College and University Teaching Symposium at Auburn University, April 2013


Half-day workshop at Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning at Bethesda, Md, May 2013


Community Service

I have made numerous presentations to community organizations and churches on various aspects of cross cultural communication. Some typical topics include “Understanding Laotians” presented to Shepherd Drive Methodist Church members as they attempted to help Laotian refugees in their neighborhood, “Putting it all in Perspective-the Americans: Latin and Anglo” to St. Philip Presbyterian Church, “The Culture Bump” to members of Sadler Class at St. Paul’s Methodist Church. In addition, I have appeared on various radio programs such as The Doug Johnson Show and Good Morning Houston on Channel 13 to discuss various topics related to cross cultural communication. I also served as a resource person for the Houston Area Model United Nations from l979 to l985. I presently serve on the Board of Advisors for AIESEC Houston.

Key Business Presentations

I have designed and facilitated cross cultural communication workshops and overseas orientation programs for various organizations and international corporations since l978. A partial listing includes

Pecten/Shell Oil – Over 6 years of overseas trainings and executive briefings for Brazil, Syria, Cameroon, Venezuela and Papua New Guinea
Renwick and Associates – Over 4 years of overseas trainings for Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

Global Arena – Over three years of cultural orientation and repatriations for various international corporations such as Dow Chemical and Bosch

Other companies include British Petroleum, Enron, Aramco, A T & T, the World Trade Association, Memorial Hospital System, The Council on Drug & Alcohol Abuse, KBR, Lanxess, Igloo, Halliburton, Texas Association of Psychology, Dow Chemical, and Houston Metro.