Culture Bump Clients

Culture Bump Clients

Testimonial from Union Carbide Corporation

The complete training was excellent and the explanation of culture bump theory was perfect.  Undoubtedly, this training has provided us with very useful tools (culture bumps, communication styles, time & space) that will help us integrate faster into this new environment.

Martin Ignacio Agostini, DE&T HP2 Operation Leader, Union Carbide Corporation


Testimonial from Johnson Space Center

We have been delighted to have Dr. Archer speak on the topic of “Cross Cultural Communication” at the Security Overseas Seminars held at Johnson Space Center.  The Culture Bump Approach makes learning a memorable experience and receives comments from participants such as the following:

…Loved the Stop, Reflect, Re-connect thinking methodology!”

…I never considered how different cultures view Time and Space until I listened to the Culture Bump presentation.  From now on, I will be more cognizant of this when I travel.

…Dr. Archer’s presentation about culture and culture bumps is something all of us should review before we begin traveling so that we have more consideration for others, their culture and their way of life.  It is a great reminder that the world is not a small place.

James Welty, SOS Coordinator-TTI, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Testimonial from University of Houston

This is the only training program that I know of which goes deep down to the root of cultural issues.  The program takes the individual and guides him/her through a process which helps to overcome the culture bump and the process of making connections and friendship.

Gursharan Kandola, Intructor, Language and Culture Center, University of Houston

Testimonial from Lanxess Corporation

The Culture Bump Approach has at least ncreased my awareness and potential understanding of the differences between different cultures. It has, whether I like to admit it or not, increased my tolerance level for things which are culturally inherent in some people even if it goes contrary to my beliefs or feelings. It has made me “take a deep breath” before reacting or responding to actions or words I may not agree with or do not believe in.

Anonymous Participnat, Lanxess Corporation, Orange, Texas

Testimonial from Seminole ISD 12-13-2011

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Carol Archer and her work with the “Culture Bump” to you forpotential staff development. Dr. Archer presented her work for our school district recently and was very well received. She researched our community prior to her presentation in an effort to make the learning as meaningful as possible. The workshop participants were actively involved and were required to examinetheir own beliefs as well as the effect those beliefs have on the way they interact with others around them.Dr. Archer is currently planning ongoing staff development with our district to enable staff members tofurther develop an understanding of the cultures with which they interact.

Mark Beaty Director of Instruction,Seminole ISD Seminole, TX 79360

Testimonial from King Elementary School 12-13-2011

Dr. Archer’s seminar brought us closer together and helped us understand and appreciate our diversity …we have an increased awareness of cultural differences and an increased conversation with one another …Further, it helped us to help the cultures that we serve to better understand what we are all about …Mr. Melvin Nash, PrincipalKing Elementary SchoolKaty ISDKaty, Texas

Mr. Melvin Nash, Principal,King Elementary School, Katy ISD

It has been our pleasure to host a continuing education workshop entitled “The Culture Bump” presented by Dr. Carol Archer.Dr. Archer’s objectives were met in the time allotted for the workshop and her teaching style proved to increase the audience knowledge. The participant evaluations resulted in a 62.5% overall rating of excellent followed by a 31.3% rating ofgood. The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Houston looks forward to future lectures by Dr. Carol Archer.

Barbara Boykin, Manager of Education Services,The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Houston, Tx