Using culture bumps as a guide, we can better understand our differences, not only with people from other cultures, but within our own culture also. Here are some examples of culture bumps between males and females, different generations, and parents and children.

Take a look at some work done by students in a sociolinguistics class.


Chinese, Indian, generational, American culture bump (Greetings)
Mexican/American culture bump (She’s so Fine)

Chinese/American culture bump (Shopping)
Chad/American culture bump (Men/Women)
Articles and White Papers

Culture Bump: When Generations Collide
Culture Bump: An Issue of Age
Gender Culture Bump
Why are we different/How are we the same and PowerPoint: Culture Bumps and Conversations
Janet Rae’s paper, entitled “Culture Bump: When Generations Collide” analyzes a culture bump she experienced with her teenage son while Andrea Goatley’s paper, “An Issue of Age” takes a poignant look at her culture bump with her grandfather. Teresa Potina’s paper, “Gender Culture Bump” demonstrates how powerful a complete analysis can be in shifting our view of ourselves and of others as she recalls and analyzes her bump with a group of young men. Finally, Dr. Archer’s short paper, “Why are we different/How are we the same” points out how she, as a researcher, uncovered her blind spot with regard to a Venezuelan research subject, Miguel while a powerpoint shows the same analysis in an easy to understand format.

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