Frontier- area between land where a people live and area where people do not live.

Farmer- a person who grows crops (plants)

Checked – a pattern of squares used in material

Dessert-maker – someone who makes desserts such as cakes, candy etc.

Blessings – good things that occur in a person’s life

a four-wheeler – a sports vehicle with four wheels

great-granddaughter- the daughter of a granddaughter

Gam – a nickname for Great great grandmother


to have a fit – to be very upset

to hold hands – to put one’s hands in another person’s hands

pretty good – to be good

to have someone to do something – to tell someone to do something

to be named for – to give the same name to a baby as another member of the family or as a friend of the family


The Birthday Party

In this photo, I am riding a four-wheeler on my 90th birthday. This has been a wonderful day for me. Actually, the celebration started a week ago when my six daughters came to Fort Worth and began to prepare this party. They bought food and began to cook. They bought decorations and decorated the house. (The house belongs to my granddaughter, Norma Mae.) She is named for me.

They decorated the house like a long time ago when I was a girl. I was raised in a big family on the frontier of Texas. My Daddy was a farmer and we children (there were fourteen of us) helped Mother and Dad on the farm. So my girls decorated with old cowboy type of decorations like bales of hay and red-checkered tablecloths.

They made western food too. We had bar b que, red beans, potato salad, green salad and lots of sweets. We have always had lots of desserts in my family. I guess that is because Mother had me to make all the sweets for the family when I was a girl. I am a pretty good dessert-maker. As you remember from my other stories, there were lots of other things that we children had to do when we were growing up.

Back to my party – all of my nieces and nephews have come in today for the party too. I am so happy to see all of my family together – cooking and visiting. When it came time to eat, we all held hands and said a prayer, thanking God for our family, the food and all His many blessings.

And what am I doing on a four-wheeler? Well, it was my great-granddaughter, Lori’s, idea. She said, “Gam – Lets ride the four-wheeler. Want to?” I thought it would be fun and sure enough, we had a great time – until my girls came out and had a fit!!!