Culture Bump invites you to use these free resources to help you to connect beyond culture differences.

Free Resources can be found in the following places:

Culture Bumps in Global Classrooms App

Culture Bumps™ in Global Classrooms is a unique app that compares ten common behaviors in university classrooms around the globe. These include day to day situations such as coming to class late, working in groups, using electronics in class and showing respect to the professor. While the app is useful for individuals, it can also be used for classroom activities which are described in two tutorials linked to the app.

YouTube (Coming Soon)

In the beginning of 2018 Culture Bump began focusing on helping others learn visually through video.


Culture Bump’s Facebook page is a place to learn about culture bump while interacting with a community of people from around the world. Many examples of culture bumps and the steps can be found here.


Free resources are located on Culture Bump’s blog including examples of culture bumps from many countries around the world.


To learn the theory from an academic standpoint, read these publications that apply culture bump theory in various disciplines.