Training Opportunities for Individuals

Culture Bump is dedicated to helping individuals understand their culture and how it effects them during their interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Culture Bump currently has two options for training individuals to connect beyond culture differences.

Self Learning

Over its 40 year history, Culture Bump has developed numerous resources individuals can freely use to understand more about culture bumps, cross cultural relationships and the Culture Bump Approach.

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While these resources will allow you to explore some Culture Bump concepts, they are not a complete picture of the Approach. If you want to learn about what Culture Bump is and how to use it in your life or work, the online trainings are recommended.

Online Training Course for Individuals

The Toolkit for Culture & Communication

The Toolkit is designed to meet cross-cultural training needs in a fun, interactive way that not only deepens your intercultural understanding and knowledge, but provides you with the basic skills necessary to connect to anyone, no matter their background. In this course, through videos and writings, Culture Bump Guides from various countries, lead you through six units about culture “bumps” or cultural differences, emotional intelligence, perceptions, value systems and communication styles.

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Full Toolkit and Flexible Learning Options

There are two ways to enjoy your new cultural learning experience! Purchase the Full Toolkit or try Flexible Learning. Flexible Learning allows you to customize your Toolkit and customize a learning path that fits your interests and budget. Click the links below to learn more.