Training Opportunities for Groups

Culture Bump has a long history of training groups in developing their cross culture communications skills.

For 40 years, Culture Bump has provided training for various groups including ESL classes, bilingual churches, community building efforts, refugee resettlement, educational faculty, business groups, and more.

Are you looking for an effective cross cultural communications training to introduce to your group?

Culture Bump currently has two format for training groups to connect beyond culture differences.

Face to Face Training

For four decades, Culture Bump refined a six unit training that uniquely integrates it’s research based theory and foundations in a face to face training. The training uses the participant’s cultural differences and life experiences to develop the four skills that are necessary for developing authentic and deep relationships. This method of instruction allows participants with various levels of cultural experience to equally develop their cultural skills as they learn together. The training is designed to have a lasting impact as it has participants practice their new skills in a variety of situations unique to their lives so that they can gain a knowledge of how they can apply these skills to their daily lives even after the training has been completed.

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Face to Face Training Features:

Skill Building Focused
Situation-based Learning
Long Lasting Effect
Any Level of Previous Cultural Experience
Multi-Media Approach

Online Trainings

Culture Bump has taken its successful face-to-face training design and methodology to build an all new Online-Training platform that allows groups the same benefits of personal training anywhere in the world.

The Online-training fits seamlessly into the training needs and time constraints of your group by breaking each unit unit into videos, reading selections, and printable activities. With the unique combination of both instructor and individual accounts, a trainer has the freedom to choose to host the training entirely face to face with their group (thus requiring only an Instructor account), or the ability to assign portions of the training for individuals to complete on their own time using their Individual accounts.

Instructor accounts provide additional activities and facilitation instructions for group practice. Customization of the units is also available for specific workplace training, community building, and ESL.

The Toolkit for Culture & Communication
(Coming Soon)

The Toolkit is an introductory level course that introduces and deepens your intercultural understanding while introducing four essential skills for cross cultural communication competency. In this course, through videos and writings, Culture Bump Guides from various countries, guide you through six units about culture “bumps” or cultural differences, emotional intelligence, perceptions, and communication styles.

Customization Options for Online and Face to Face Trainings

Face to Face Customization

Culture Bump has customized face to face trainings to fit the needs of businesses, ESL classroom, church community development projects, various language groups, and more. Contact Culture Bump to see if the team can work with you to customize a face to face training course to meet the various needs of your group.

Examples of Customization:

Aviation and Security
Home School and Co-op Classes
An introduction to Culture Bump
Train Culture Bump Facilitators
Individual Coaching

Online Training Customization

We are currently developing customized courses online. Online courses for ESL classes, home schooling and missionary support will be available in the near future. If you are interested in customized, online programs for your organization, please contact us for further information.

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Have a desire to see how the Culture Bump Approach fits into your field? Want to see trainings specialized to the unique needs of your industry?

The Culture Bump team is partnering with leaders in various fields to apply Culture Bump within their specific areas and create trainings that will be available to an entire industry. For example, the Culture Bump team is currently working with people in the Aviation and Security field and in a missionary organization to see how perceptions and cultural differences effect their fields specifically and how the Culture Bump Approach enhances the communication skills of their employees.

Contact Culture Bump for details on how you can help build better communications training for your specific field.