Q 1.             Do you think tip is necessary? Why?

It is Necessary. Tipping is not quite obligatory in USA. However, because the waiters or busboys are often paid fairly low wages,e.g.$2.5 per hour, it is the customary practice. [Service charge is always voluntary, even when it’s added to your bill. But if you deduct gratuity from the check, don’t expect it to go down well. Each of the 50 states has a different minimum wage, usually around eight dollars an hour. But under federal law, the minimum wage for tipped employees like bartenders and waitresses is just $2.13 per hour. Your generous tips will help make up for their low pay.

Q 2.             How much should I tip in restaurants?

The general guideline is 20% for excellent service, 15% for solid service, and 10% for bad service. On average, people tip 18%.

If you really like a certain establishment, add an extra 5% to what you would normally tip, or “side tip” your favorite servers/bartenders something extra. Since you will be there frequently, the staff will be happy to see you every time you walk in and will remember you as a good tipping customer, thus enhancing the overall experience for everyone, including yourself.

Even if the waiter was undoubtedly terrible, it is still good practice to leave a 10% tip. In many restaurants, tips are pooled and shared with other employees (e.g., food runners, bartenders, and busboys) who might have done their job well. 10% is enough to avoid punishing people who might not be at fault.

Give feedback to management or directly to the waiter instead of, or in addition to, leaving a low tip. Many customers leave poor tips regardless of service, so simply doing so may not convey the message intended. A low tip is no guarantee that service will improve in the future because staff may not know what made you unhappy or who was responsible. If you’re eating with small children and make a big mess, remember that staff will have to clean it up, and that this usually takes extra time. Consider leaving servers a little extra for this inconvenience for them. If the server is especially helpful with child-related issues during the meal, you might also wish to tip a little extra for that.

Q 3.             What do you think of tips?

Americans believe tip is a positive action. None -tippers are considered cheap (the ultimate insult to an American) and are treated with contempt, particularly by taxi drivers. Most Americans are shocked by anyone who doesn’t tip or who tips too little, and some go to extremes and tip everybody in sight, including air hostesses and theatre attendants.

Q 4.             Do you think this is a kind of culture bump before our survey? Would you like to give some comment on this culture bump?

Some of them noticed TIP is a kind of Culture Bump. Tipping is not quite obligatory in North America. However, because the wait staffs are often paid fairly low wages, it is the customary practice. In many other countries with stiff minimum wage requirements, particularly the UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, tipping is not customary: it is entirely optional, a reward for extraordinarily good service and the customer need not feel obliged to tip. In some countries, such as Japan, tipping can actually be considered an insult both to the server (“You need this more than I do.”) AND the owner of the establishment (“You don’t pay your staff decently.”)

Q 5.             Would you mind if we post your comments on the web?

We are lucky that all of participants of UH agreed that we put the survey video on our culture bump website. We record their E-mail address so that we can send the final survey blog link to them for their reference.

Anyone who interested in this topic can find more vivid images of cultural bump on tip from this video, and you can find a brief conclusion at the end of it.



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