I was living in the dorm on campus after I came to Houston. I remember the first time when I walked into the dorm and checked in with one of the dorm officers, I asked her which building was for girls.  She looked at me and said that girls and guys lived in the same building; however, the same gender still lived with the same gender. I was surprised when I heard about this because it would not happen in my country. This was a culture bump for me.  In Taiwan, girls and guys always live separately on campus. Moreover, girls cannot go to guys’ dormitory, neither do guys go to girls’.   Therefore, this was difficult for me to accept initially.

However, I started to realize the dorms on campus were the same. Girls and guys did not live separately. My friend told me that most  Americans were mature at this age, so they respected each other and had healthy relationships with the opposite gender.    After I became more familiar with the America culture  than before, I realized that Americans learn about the sex relationship in a healthy way when they are little. Therefore, they have responsibility and respect in this area of their lives. In my country, most of the parents and teachers are not willing to teach children when they are little because they think children should not know about sex relationships.

Finally, I accepted the culture difference and feel comfortable today.

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