Corporate Training Programs

Culture Bump offers programs designed to fit the cross cultural communication training needs of businesses.

The Culture Bump Approach has been used to train corporate employees in cross cultural communication competencies since the late 1970’s under the auspices of Carol Archer & Associates. Carol Archer & Associates has provided a cultural and communication foundation for well over 25 multinational companies from various industries and government in their joint ventures and transfer of technology around the globe.

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Culture Bump Approach and Corporate Training

The Culture Bump Approach's core foundation can be crafted into various training programs and formats to fit a variety of corporate cultural and communication needs. The Approach has been customized to meet the needs of three key areas.

-A corporate culture focused training which helps employees increase their communications skills in a diverse business setting

-Language and culture training for immigrant employees

-Pre-departure and re-entry cultural training for employees who are relocating

Type of Programs Offered:

Step Beyond Diversity for Corporations and Other Organizations

Language and Cultural Coaching

Expatriate Cultural Orientation (Pre-departure or re-entry)

Step Beyond Diversity for Corporations and Other Organizations

Culture Bump training is not limited to differences relating to national or ethnicity, but is also beneficial for helping employees and employers navigate various differences within a company such as generational differences, blue-collar and white-collar differences, work shift differences as well as gender differences. Step Beyond Diversity can be implemented in a variety of formats from one day programs to a comprehensive Train the Trainer Program (TTT). The TTT Program creates a core group of trainers within an organization and provides support for them as they create a Culture Bump Toolkit specific to their organization.

Program Outcomes:

Builds specific cultural communication skills
Provides a common, shared language for talking about differences
Builds organizational culture and ethos
Provides access to the “Deep Structure” of corporate culture
Provides a skills-based assessment process for cultural competencies

It is implemented as follows:

1. A four day face to face foundational training

2. A two day follow up which can be done either face to face or online

3. A one day observation of corporate implementation

4. A one day debrief for adjustments

Language and Cultural Coaching

Research consistently suggests that pronunciation is only one of the many factors influencing communication issues for immigrant-employees. Culture Bump has designed a Language and Cultural Coaching Program to train immigrant-employees to be more effective in the workplace by addressing various aspects of communicative competence. The program is tailored to the needs of the specific employees, and covers instructions in team building in the USA, cross-cultural issues, individual language issues and more. This program combines one on one online coaching and workplace observation.

It is implemented as follows:

1. Observation of the employees in workplace via conferencing or on-site shadowing.

2. A report of culture bumps and linguistic interactions is compiled which leads to a completely customized coaching program.

3. Coaching is then conducted through one on one sessions using the Interpersonal Recall Method

Program Outcomes:

Higher rate of interaction, longer interaction and more initiation of interaction with colleagues and customers.
Higher rate of observation of cultural patterns and individual differences of colleagues.
Higher self-confidence.

Expatriate Cultural Orientation (Pre-departure or re-entry)

This training provides expatriates with an orientation to their new culture (either recently arrived or pre-departure). The Culture Bump Approach to managing differences is interwoven with other fundamental topics that are essential for those transferring to jobs overseas. In addition to basic culture specific information about the host country, participants learn about strategies for managing the stages of cultural adjustment, and for dealing with differences in communication and management styles. In addition, Culture Bump offers the options to work with the company's HR department representative to provide corporate specific information about the company's corporate culture within the new country. This mixture of country specific information and general strategies for handling any difference prepares employees to face the new changes of moving and working within another country both within and outside of the workplace. The program can be a one or two day program, depending on the needs of the participants.

Program Outcomes:

Expatriates perform at a higher level.
Expatriates require less time to be fully functional in new environment.
Reduces the chance of an early return.

It is implemented by a Culture Team consisting of:

Cross-cultural team leader: Responsible for providing the contextual information for understanding the culture specific information.

Culture Resource assistant: Responsible for providing culture specific information about the host country.

(Optional) Company's HR representative: Responsible for providing the corporate information and logistical support.