A core value of Culture Bump is a deep appreciation of people and connection, so we are happy to introduce you to the team of people behind Culture Bump.

We are dedicated to helping you be able to connect with those around you.

Dr. Carol M. Archer

—consultant, trainer, researcher, writer and educator —

Dr. Carol Archer is the originator of the Culture Bump theory and methodology. She first started working with the Culture Bump theory in October of 1978 and has since trained people in various fields, such as international business, religion, education, and medicine to use the approach in their work and lives. With a Doctorate in Education, she spent over 30 years as a teacher of cross cultural communication and ESL with the University of Houston’s Language & Culture Center and as a professor of ESL strategies and second language acquisition theories at the University of St. Thomas. She is the author of Living with Strangers in the U.S.A: Communicating Beyond Culture published in 1990 and the multimedia training course the Toolkit for Culture and Communication in 2004. In addition to teaching and research, she has worked with companies like AT&T, Pecten/Shell Oil, Exxon and the World Trade Association to train over 1,000 businessmen and women from the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the USA using the Culture Bump Approach. Additionally, Dr. Archer developed cultural orientation for refugees for the State of Texas and served as a cross–cultural consultant for the PBS series, “Images of America.” Currently, she serves as a consultant to Auburn University’s Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement. She speaks Spanish and studied Arabic and French. She enjoys her extended family, gardening, and playing the piano.

Dr. Stacey Nickson

Dr. Stacey Nickson

—Product Director, University Partnership Director —

Culture Bump began partnering with Auburn University in 2012 under the guidance of Dr. Stacey Nickson, Director of Auburn's Center for Educational Outreach & Engagement. She created and administers the Auburn University Cultural Insight Program as a home for research, training and product development using the Culture Bump Approach. As such, she presents workshops and seminars locally, nationally and internationally to train educational leaders from varied disciplines in cross-cultural communication. As a Fulbright Specialist and president of the Alabama Fulbright Association, she continues to work with the theory in the international arena. She and Dr. Archer have collaborated on publications including “The Impact of Culture Bump and technology on creating effective diversity leadership", “Culture Bump: An Instructional Process for Cultural Insight;” and “The Role of Culture Bump in Developing Intercultural Communication Competency and Internationalizing Psychology.”

Alexandra Dietz

—Digital Product Developer, Certified Culture Bump Facilitator—

Alexandra Dietz is one of Culture Bump’s digital product developers. Her first introduction to Culture Bump occurred while studying History at the University of Houston. Knowing she found something special, she continue to stay in contact with Culture Bump during college by volunteering to help Dr. Archer with several cross-cultural trainings. She became a certified Culture Bump facilitator in the Spring of 2017 before she headed overseas. After using the approach to help her and her classmates with their cross cultural experiences while at school in Asia, she return to the U.S. and began to study the theory under Dr. Archer. During their meetings, ideas for an online training began to grow and in 2018 she officially became a part of the Culture Bump Team. She looks forward to helping Culture Bump become accessible to people around the world.

Culture Bump Facilitators have completed the Facilitators Training Course and are certified to teach or lead Culture Bump trainings. Below are a few of the facilitators who are making great strides in incorporating Culture Bump in their fields of work.

Dr. Nader Abualnaja

Dr. Nader Abualnaja attended the cross cultural class at the Language and Culture Center at the University of Houston which started his journey working with Dr. Archer on Culture Bump projects over the years. He has worked on the development of the video, Brian and Aziz, for the Toolkit for Culture and Communication. In addition, he has collected data for the development of the Culture Bumps in Global Classrooms App as well as conducted workshops on the approach throughout the Houston Area. In 2017, he completed his facilitators course and is certified by Auburn to facilitate the use of Culture Bump in his field of work and daily life. Dr. Abualnaja holds a doctorate in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University with a research focus on perceived bias. His experience includes project management, administration and academic research. Bilingual in English and Arabic, he currently lives with his wife and children in Houston, Texas. He enjoys reading, swimming and jogging with his kids.