This culture bump occurred as Miguel, age 28 from Venezuela, was having a conversation with Karen, age 48 from the United States. I was videotaping their conversation as part of a research project. I hypothesized that they would have culture bumps in the course of their conversation which I could then analyze. However, this was […]

The app is a wonderful “tool” for starting a conversation with other students.  All you have to do is ask another student if he or she has seen the Culture Bump App?   If they say yes, you can ask them if they think the information for their country is accurate and then share with […]

The Culture Bump ApproachLearn more about the approach and how to connect to others beyond the cultural differences What is a Culture Bump? When two cultural expectations "bump" into each other, it causes a sense of disconnection and “otherness” between the two parties. Simply put, culture bumps are cultural differences. More specifically, “culture bumps” are [...]

Culture Bump Quick Action TipsSimple action points can help you begin to connect beyond differences in your daily life. Now that you have been introduced to the Culture Bump Approach, there are many ways you can learn more. Culture Bump offers several types of courses for individuals and groups. Check out the Training section for [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about the Culture Bump Approach Why haven’t I heard of Culture Bump?Over the past decades, Culture Bump has been active through face to face trainings in global corporations and in ESL classrooms primarily in the United States. It is only recently that Culture Bump has grown its digital presence. Follow Culture Bump [...]

  It feels like the world is coming to an end one moment, while in the next moment we overwhelm ourselves with our own humane caring. Midst the downpours of  Harvey, 1,000 people showed up with boats of all kinds to bring anybody out of rising brown waters to safety Midst automatic gunfire peppering down [...]

A group of very diverse individuals met for three Saturdays to explore how to apply the Culture Bump protocol to healing circles.  They included people with diverse spiritual paths – Christian, Muslim, Buddhist as well as those with no formal religious belief.  Furthermore, they came from diverse backgrounds – the USA, Pakistan, Palestine, Vietnam, and […]

        The Culture Bump Approach has been used by individuals for 40 years to deal with interpersonal differences.  However, it is also very helpful to HR departments to evaluate cross-cultural training programs.  Generally, HR has only anecdotal information to determine if an employee's experience is valuable to the organization. The Culture Bump [...]

Q 1.             Do you think tip is necessary? Why? It is Necessary. Tipping is not quite obligatory in USA. However, because the waiters or busboys are often paid fairly low wages,e.g.$2.5 per hour, it is the customary practice. [Service charge is always voluntary, even when it’s added to your bill. But if you deduct gratuity […]

  We are a CNPC group named Rose from China, taking part in an international financial training program in the University of Houston. In China, we know that there are cultural differences between China and America. And we try to be careful so as not to bring inconvenience to others. But two days ago, an […]