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Culture Bump

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Culture Bump Training is a collaboration with the Auburn University Office for the Vice President for University Outreach
through the Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement (CEOE).
Continuing education credits and certificates available through Auburn University Outreach.



Culture bumps are a remarkably effective way of identifying implicit bias on a personal level. A training that utilizes the Culture Bump Approach systematically develops a set of clear-cut communication skills  and relationship strategies which are clustered around a specific “culture bump”. These skills and strategies nurture authentic cross-cultural relationships which – in turn – create community. The Culture Bump Approach can be used in training community relations, pre-departure culture orientations, re-entry culture orientations, military, faculty development, language programs and global joint ventures.

For a more in–depth look at how culture bump theory is utilized in a training format, double click here.

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