photo-rocketWhile living in another culture, we find some things that are the same as in our

own country, but there are some things that are different. In China or USA, we need to

go to the supermarket every week. Every time we go to the supermarket, take what we

need and go to the check-out counter. This is a normal way of purchasing items in

supermarket. But when we just arrived in Houston, we came across a problem that we

couldn’t find where to weigh the vegetables.

In a Chinese supermarket, there is a dedicated weighing counter near the

vegetables and fruit. We can put what we need in a bag and take it to the weighing

counter. The worker will help to weigh and attach the price label on the bag. At the

check-out counter, the worker just needs to scan every price label.

The culture bump happened when we went to the Wal-Mart at the first time, we

selected the vegetables and fruit, but we couldn’t find the weighing counter.

Meanwhile some local persons took the vegetables away directly to the check-out

counter. How do they know the exact price? how do they pay for it? We felt confused,

surprised and a little nervous. We had to ask a local person for help. Finally we

understand that we just need to take all the items to the check-out counter. The worker

will calculate the price and the price will be shown on the final bill.

In our opinion, the weighing counter is necessary for us. It can improve the

efficiency because we can pass the check-out counter quickly. In addition, we can

understand our exact price of the items, and we can decide whether to buy it or not

according our budget.

After that, we go to the Wal-Mart several times. Generally, we find the reason

why there isn’t special weighing counter. There are not so many people in the

supermarket. We seldom see a long queue at the check-out counter. The workers have

enough time to weigh and scan other price label. Secondly, in the corner we find small

scales, so we can estimate the vegetables by ourselves. As we all know, setting up

another position means more employment cost. Obviously, both of the supermarket

and customers will suffer from that.

In different countries, we all hope for the convenient and high efficiency, this is

the universal situation. But the social condition is different, so we need to balance the

convenience and the employment cost. In china, high efficiency will bring more

customer resource. In the states, the weighing counter doesn’t necessarily mean more

efficiency, rather it means the rise in cost.

Click here to see our video of two cultures weighing

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