The CNPC 2017 Cohort from the Asian AmericanStudies Center Global Leadership Program at the University of Houston has successfully completed their language and culture component and are prepared to continue with their Accounting and Finance Advanced Training.  They completed the Toolkit for Culture and Communication which includes modules on perceptions, culture bumps, communication styles, cultural value systems, human commonalities, cultural adjustment cycle and emotional intelligence.  In addition, they explored many aspects of Texas, UH and Houston life through field trips, interviews and presentations.   Presentations and exploring aspects of Houston life such as baseball games, downtown trips and other social activities provided experience which they then shared in the classroom.  Their instructor, Dr. Carol M. Archer notes that they brought a wonderful commitment and honesty to all of their engagements.  She noted, “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to meet and work with with these outstanding CNPC professionals.  They show great potential for applying the Culture Bump Approach in their future global leadership roles.”

A partial overview of their experience can be seen in this video.

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