It was my first time to leave my country. I went to U.S. in order to start my undergraduate studying. When I first arrive at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, I asked for a taxi to drive me to the university’s dorm. The taxi pulled over then he took my luggage to put it in the trunk. I went to the other side to ride in the seat that is next to the driver and had my first culture bump. He was surprised because in U.S. they don’t sit next to the driver, but in my Saudi Arabia we do it because it is rude to sit in the back when the front seat is available. So he had a culture bump with me. He asked me to move to the back seat. I was shocked that he asked me to go back. I did it and I was asking many questions in my head about this situation. When I arrived at the dorm, I went in and asked for my room that I reserved when I was in my country. The lady who was working there was very rude to me. She was laughing at me because my pronounciation was weak. I pronounced some words in a wrong way. And she was turning her face every time I mispronounced and start laughing with her friend. I felt upset that I asked to talk the manger, then she told me I can’t because the manger is busy. I insisted to go to the manger office until the manger heard me. The manger asked me to have a seat in her office and finished all my papers. I hated that day because of the lady who works in the front disk. After while, she and I became friends and I told her about my impression about her , then she apologized. Now, I know how American people deal with others which give me the advantage to know how to react in a positive way.

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