This popular cross-cultural text presents a new and personal way to a deeper understanding of cultural values and behaviors, as well as the ability to improve reading skills and to develop vocabulary. Using authentic materials from differing cultures, Living with Strangers in the USA has helped countless  students to cross cultural barriers.  Lili from China guides students through the cultural adjustment cycle while Brian and Aziz unravel the mysteries of culture bumps and find a new friend in the process.  Their classmates – Nejewa from Syria, Alfredo from Venezuela, Tanaka from Japan, Phi from Vietnam and Luz Maria from Colombia – meet with their cross-cultural teacher, Ms. Joy and learn to live together in the USA – no longer strangers…We know that you will be as excited as we are to meet these “strangers” and with them learn why we are different and how we are the same.

Living with Strangers in the USA: Communicating Beyond Culture, will soon be available in the Culturebump Store at


Watch for its arrival – Coming soon….

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