For a full week from March 11 through March 15, a small group of disparate individuals immersed themselves in the experience of understanding all aspects of the Culture Bump Approach for dealing with differences.  They came with specific goals for applying this methodology in their own fields – which ranged from military training to business education to student life at universities.  The time together brought them into a new awareness of how to train othersin acknowledging cultural (and other) differences, in understanding the source of the differences while focusing on the underlying humanity that we all share.  As Michael Lenmark said,

One of the things that we talk about in Culture Bump is commonality and universality. In fact, the big distinction that this approach has is its focus on commonality. I’ve attended workshops for a variety of subjects and they focus so much on the differences – educating us about what makes other people different. And while its good to have that information, its very important to take a step back (like we do in Culture Bump) and to look at the commonality…and that’s where we can bond. I’m interested in what that would mean to Residential Life at the University of Houston. How can we build on this universal concept to provide a better experience for students who decide to live on campus.

The participants emerged, not only with a profound personal experience of the Culture Bump Cycles, but with specific materials and tools to immediately begin integrating the approach into their own organizations. Dr. Toni Fisher, Culture and Foreign Language Advisor for the U. S. Army, began using elements of the approach within 24 hours of being certified by the Cultural Insight Program at Auburn.

Gina Cantrell with the Auburn School of Business described it as a fabulous week of intense study. She further stated that

What I really feel that I’m walking away with is a skill set along with training materials such as the jump drive with all of the power points, the actual website itself and other teacher aides so that I feel comfortable and I have a base to move forward with.

Ms.Cantrell, Dr. Fisher and Michael Lenmark’s full comments can be seen on the home page of this website at:

Ultimately it was a week – not merely for training individuals in a technique, but a time for creating a community of Culture Bump practitioners.

The second Train the Trainer will be held in San Diego, California, from June 24 – 28, 2013 at the Paradise Point Resort.  For more information, go to:

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