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Humans being connected through culture bumps

Culture bumps are a remarkably effective way of managing cultural differences on a personal level. This unique method encourages interpersonal connections that transcend diversity. By understanding and practicing this approach, an individual experiences personal reflections as well as a community spirit which nurtures authentic cross–cultural relationships. These relationships emerge from developing a set of clear–cut communication skills which are clustered around a specific "culture bump."

By understanding this approach, a trainer or educator can actually integrate the skills necessary for effective cross–cultural communication in most content areas. For a more in–depth look at how culture bump theory is utilized in a training format, double click on the icon …

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Leverage the cultural differences to see eye to eye with strangers, and so everyone gets what they want in life, business, and relationships.

RECENT EVENTS: Conversations for Connection Workshop

On Friday January 3,  2014 at The University of Houston, 4800 Calhoun Road, Roy Cullen Building, Room 101, from 9:00 to 5:00.   The first part of this workshop introduced a history of the Culture Bump Approach for dealing with differences. The second part introduced two new models for discovering human commonalities along with a strategy for creating quick conversations for connection utilizing "Culture Bump Buddy Bracelets”.

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Testimonial from Seminole ISD

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Carol Archer and her work with the "Culture Bump” to you forpotential staff development. Dr. Archer presented her work for our school district recently and was verywell received. She researched our community prior to her presentation in an effort to make the learning asmeaningful as possible. The workshop participants were actively involved and were required to examinetheir own beliefs as well as the effect those beliefs have on the way they interact with others around them.Dr. Archer is currently planning ongoing staff development with our district to enable staff members tofurther develop an understanding of the cultures with which they interact.

Mark Beaty Director of Instruction,Seminole ISD Seminole, TX 79360
Testimonial from King Elementary School

Dr. Archer’s seminar brought us closer together and helped us understand and appreciate our diversity …we have an increased awareness of cultural differences and an increased conversation with one another …Further, it helped us to help the cultures that we serve to better understand what we are all about …Mr. Melvin Nash, PrincipalKing Elementary SchoolKaty ISDKaty, Texas

Mr. Melvin Nash, Principal,King Elementary School, Katy ISD
Testimonial from Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, TX

class="testimonial">It has been our pleasure to host a continuing education workshop entitled "The Culture Bump” presented by Dr. Carol Archer.Dr. Archer’s objectives were met in the time allotted for the workshop and her teaching style proved to increase the audience knowledge. The participant evaluations resulted in a 62.5% overall rating of excellent followed by a 31.3% rating ofgood. The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Houston looks forward to future lectures by Dr. Carol Archer.

Barbara Boykin, Manager of Education Services,The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Houston, Tx

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