A memorial for Brad Leon Powell was hosted by the Language & Culture Center at the A. D. Bruce Religion Center at the University of Houston on Friday, September 5.

The first image of Brad – always – is that amazingly gorgeous smile.  It is a fitting image because that smile is symbolic of the essence of who Brad was for so many, many people.  His smile reflected an impish sense of humor – along with a generous heart and a beautiful mind.  He delighted in catching an idea and spinning it into imaginative connections.  His curiosity was always focused on creating ideas to benefit others – international students (or anybody else).  Brad had a passion for making others’ lives better.

And it was that balance between a brilliant mind and a passionate heart – a kind heart – a heart that brooked no barriers – that was Brad’s essence.

His was an essence of goodness…

that touched the hearts of countless individuals around the globe…

An essence of goodness that touched the hearts of colleagues from his first day at the LCC…

An essence of goodness that touched the hearts of friends from his childhood…

An essence of goodness that touched the hearts of his family from the womb…

An essence of goodness that will continue to reverberate through these countless lives – long after that amazingly gorgeous smile has faded from our collective consciousness.

That is Brad’s legacy – a short time on earth – but a life that made a difference beyond Time and Space.

                                                     Brad Leon Powell

                                Sunrise                                                              Sunset
                           July 23, 1983                                                   August 18, 2014

The Language and Culture Center announced the Brade Leon Powell scholarship will be awarded for the first time at the Fall 2014 graduation.



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  • bvf98September 9, 2014 at 3:34 am

    What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man with so many amazing attributes.

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