Dr. Carol M. Archer is the Principal of Archer and Associates – a Cross Cultural Training Company – which uses real–life stories, humor and music to assist educators and business people in meeting the needs of their diverse populations.

Dr. Carol M. Archer

Dr. Carol M. Archer

Carol Archer — consultant, trainer, researcher, writer and educator — is the author of Living with Strangers in the U.S.A: Communicating Beyond Culture, a book that grew out of her extensive research into inter–personal, intercultural communication as well as The Culture Bump Toolkit for Culture and Communication. The originator of culture bump theory and methodology, she has a Doctorate in Education with a research focus on culture and urban studies. Culture Bump is the name of the phenomenon that occurs when an individual encounters a cultural difference. While describing that phenomenon, it also is a description of the cluster of consequences that emanate from that encounter. Furthermore, it suggests various responses to the difference that ensure human connections or stereotypes.Carol worked in Algeria and has consulted with clients such as AT&T, Princeton University, Pecten/Shell Oil, Exxon and the World Trade Association with participants from around the world. She speaks Spanish and studied Arabic and French. In addition to teaching at the University of Houston’s Language & Culture Center for over 28 years, she taught ESL strategies and second language acquisition theory at the University of St. Thomas. She serves as a consultant to Auburn University’s Program for Cultural Insight. She formerly developed cultural orientation for refugees for the State of Texas. She has trained over 1,000 business people from the Middle East, Asia, Latin America as well as the USA. Her other publications include Culture Bump and Beyond in Culture Bound: An Anthology, published by Cambridge University Press, Managing a Multicultural Classroom in Learning Across Cultures, published by NAFSA and Culture Bump: An instructional process for cultural insight published in A Handbook of College and University Teaching: Global Perspectives published by Sage Publications. Her article, The Role of Culture Bump in Developing Intercultural Communication Competency and Internationalizing Psychology Education appeared in Volume 11, Number 3 of the 2012 Journal Psychology: Learning & Teaching and she was lead author of the chapter The Impact of Culture Bump and Technology on Creating Effective Diversity Leadership in the book, Technology as a Tool for Diversity Leadership. Additionally, Dr. Archer served as cross–cultural consultant for the PBS series, “Images of America.” She enjoys gardening, playing the piano and her extended family.

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Mrs. Kandola has a Masters in Education with a science background. She is trained in Culture and Communication, and has used the Toolkit extensively in her classroom. She has taught from K -12, and at University of Houston for eleven years. Mrs. Kandola has traveled around the world and lived as an expat in the following countries: U.K., Norway, Canada, USA, India, Bangladesh, and Thailand. She also has much experience with Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. She has experienced the Culture bumps and practiced the culture bump cycles during her expat life. Presently, Mrs. Kandola takes care of her parents when in U.K., and teaches in Long Beach, CA., and Houston, TX, when in U.S.A.

Dr. Nader Abualnaja


Dr.  Nader Abualnaja, holds a doctorate in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University with a research focus on perceived bias.  http://culturebump.com/uncategorized/the-perceptions-of-muslim-americans-regarding-racial-profiling-at-airports-after-911/ .  He has worked with Carol Archer & Associates on the development of the video, Brian and Aziz, in the Toolkit for Culture and Communication and conducted workshops on the culture bump throughout the Houston Area.  In addition, he has collected data for the development of the Culture Bumps in Global Classrooms App.  Dr. Abualnaja’s experience includes project management, administration and academic research.  Bilingual in English and Arabic, he currently lives with his wife and children in Houston, Texas.  He enjoys reading, swimming and jogging with his kids.