FAC ONE:   What is a culture bump?

A culture bump is merely a cultural difference….
A hiccup in an intercultural encounter

 FAC TWO:  Who originated the term “culture bump”?

 Dr. Carol M. Archer is the originator of the term and developer of the Culture Bump Approach and

FAC THREE:   What is the Culture Bump Approach?


Combines multicultural education and cross cultural communication – both of which focus on differences -takes multicultural issues a “step beyond diversity” and provides the “next step” in cross cultural communication. It further shifts the focus from understanding cultural characteristics as a means of dealing with differences to dealing with the difference itself
People are in process with culture rather than being a product of culture. …



FAC FOUR: What is the Toolkit for Culture and Communication?

Slide3It is the application of the Culture Bump Approach in a multimedia product used to develop interpersonal, intercultural communication skills. It is designed to move individuals beyond diversity and into community. By presenting culture bumps (or cultural differences) in a new and positive way, the six modules focus on developing and practicing specific cultural and communication competencies that are observable and measurable. By registering here, you can have free access to the Toolkit for Culture and Communication.  For more information, read this.